How to Order a Gin and Tonic

It is a classic found on every cocktail menu—the gin and tonic.

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It is a classic found on every cocktail menu—the gin and tonic. For travellers, it’s a safety drink, delivering refreshment just like the one from home. Yet, following the gin renaissance of recent years, in which hundreds of new gins have come to market, it’s time to think beyond your comfort zone and explore new possibilities. At Ouranos, Annabelle’s new rooftop lounge, bar manager Alexandro Mavrikis offers a selection of 50 distinctive gins. ‘We’re not trying to impress with a big number—we just want to cover the range of the palate,’ he says. Indeed, with its variety of gins, garnishes, and tonics, Ouranos offers an incredible 650 gin and tonic combinations. How to decide which one is for you? Start by talking with your server about your gin preferences. A London Dry gin like Beefeater will have a light forest scent and the taste of juniper berries, while Thomas Dakin gin takes you deeper into the forest through its blend of 11 botanicals. Or, you may like the fruity taste of G Vine, which features distilled grapes and only a trace of juniper. The Japanese gin Wa Bi is a truly global creation—its base is half sake. Next choose the garnish (which can boost, counterbalance, or change the flavour of the gin) and a premium tonic. One popular version combines Tanqueray 10, pink grapefruit zest, Szechuan red pepper, ice, and Fever Tree tonic for a refreshing blend of citrus and spice notes. Choose your combination and gin up this well-loved cocktail!