The varied microclimates of Cyprus are ideal for cultivating a wide range of grapes for winemaking. Widely known varieties like chardonnay and syrah yield excellent wines under the guidance of professional winemakers. In recent years, oenologists have recovered indigenous Cypriot varieties, using sophisticated techniques to bring out their distinctive flavourings. At Mediterraneo, Annabelle’s seaside taverna, the wine list now focuses on Cypriot wines. Sommelier George Kassianos explains the intention: ‘These wines are unknown to many visitors in Cyprus, so we aim to offer guests (and locals as well) the opportunity to explore and experience something completely different.’ The list offers an ample selection of xynisteri, dry or medium white wines with flavours of green grass, intense tropical fruits, herbs, and minerals. Lesser grown white varieties include the lively and herbaceous spourtiko, aromatic and well-balanced promara, and crisp, light morokanela. Most red wines from Cyprus are blends. The most popular indigenous variety, maratheftiko, produces a full-bodied, deep red wine with dark berry flavours. Another notable local red, yiannoudi, is medium-bodied and gives spicy notes of anise, vanilla, and pepper. Mediterraneo offers a full complement of Cyprus rosés and four kinds of commandaria—the iconic Cypriot sweet wine. The list provides matches with Mediterraneo’s cuisine, so a selection of notable Greek wines is also included. Of course, diners in tavernas have long enjoyed distillations like ouzo and zivania with their food, and we provide expertly matched ouzo meze and zivania meze menus. Review our distinctive wine list and let the server be your guide.
Ouranos, our new-build rooftop restaurant, is now open for Sunday brunch! Like our lunch and dinner menus, the brunch menu is a fusion of local and international styles. There are three set menus along with an extensive à la carte menu. The Ouranos Classic Brunch is an eight-course set menu featuring a selection of baked goods, seasonal sliced fruits, a prosciutto and feta platter, and eggs cooked to your specifications; special treats include a prawn pickled mango salad and a chilled asparagus gazpacho. The six-course Healthy Epione Brunch tantalises with grilled tofu with fresh ginger and Asian poached eggs. The third set menu is just for kids! The Kids’ Brunch Titanides has pancakes with maple syrup, eggs (scrambled or fried), and hot chocolate. The generous array of items on the à la carte menu lets you plan an ideal meal. Choose from classic egg preparations, salads, sides, and sweets. The Trends section shows diverse influences on the breakfast menu—try our black truffle scrambled eggs with pureed peas and microgreens, for example. Similarly, the selection of egg sandwiches shows far-flung inspirations, as in the Argentinian scrambled egg wrap with pulled pork, beans, bell pepper, coriander, and chimichurri sauce. And for the gourmands among us, we offer the Big Hunger menu, where you’ll find creative preparations of chicken breast, tuna, and ribeye beef. You and your companions can order individually or in the Mediterranean spirit of sharing dishes around the table. Join us on Sundays from 11:00 to 15:00 for an outstanding repast overlooking the sea.
You’ve seen it on our liqueur menu or listed as an ingredient in a specialty cocktail: It is masthiha, an alcoholic drink popular throughout the Mediterranean world. Mastiha is made from the resin of the mastic tree, a leafy evergreen that thrives in the summer-dry climate of the region—including on the scrubby hills of Cyprus. Cut the branch of a mastic bush and tear-shaped secretions of resin will form. The secretions harden, forming a pliant substance with a variety of medicinal uses (from ancient times it has been used as a chewing gum) and culinary applications (try mastic-flavoured ice cream!). The climate and soil conditions on the north-eastern Aegean island of Chios best support the commercial cultivation of mastic. After harvesting in June and July, Chians clean and sort the hardened resin. Distillers mix the mastic resin with high-quality alcohol and place it in a bronze alembic tank, where it is heated over a wood fire until it yields an aromatic extract. Then the extract is blended with sugar, mineral water, and more alcohol to create a balanced spirit. Chill a bottle and serve it on ice or as shots, before or after dinner. The taste of mastiha is complex, with slightly bitter notes of anise combining with sweet notes of mint; the aroma is reminiscent of a hike through the evergreens of the Akamas forest. This complexity explains why so many mixologists are experimenting with the liqueur today.
Most visitors to Cyprus come from a cooler climate—one where they have less exposure to the sun. Sun worshippers may enjoy its warmth and the prospect of a nice tan, but they rightly worry about sunburn and long-term damage to the skin. At Annabelle, the Ouranos Wellbeing Spa can help you nourish and protect your skin during your stay. Upon arrival, start your regimen with a full-body treatment: The Divine Duo Scrub and Massage removes dead skin, increases circulation, eliminates toxins, and evens out the skin’s texture. For ongoing protection from aging, add a daily application of a body lotion from the Ila, Osea, or QMS lines of skincare products. Next, ask your therapist for an analysis of your facial skin. Perhaps a light scrub with a combination of ground blackcurrant, Damask rose, and sandalwood is in order. Alternatively, a cleanse with jujoba beads and fig extract followed by application of a black algae mask will exfoliate your face and decongest pores. Or maybe you need a facial peel: Applying a solution of fruit acids and enzymes, we will dissolve dead skin cells and accelerate cellular regeneration, giving your face the maximum potential to absorb revitalizing serums and collagens. When you head out to the sea or pool, don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen! We carry Hampton Sun’s continuous mist sunscreen in a range of 4 to 50 SPF. We want you to return from your holiday with a healthy glow.
Did you ever wish you had instantaneous, 24/7 access to information about restaurant seating availability? Annabelle now offers this service through chatbot technology. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence programme that simulates human interaction. Text your query to the chatbot, and the programme will analyse it and answer you in a text message. The chatbot can advise on booking availability, answer customer service questions, book a table for you, or confirm or change a booked reservation. To initiate a booking, just type ‘BOOK’ in the restaurant’s chatbot and the process will begin. Annabelle hosts chatbots for seaside taverna Mediterraneo  and rooftop lounge and bar Ouranos . You can also review menus and find additional information about a restaurant through its chatbot. Of course, the chatbot will refer you to a live agent if it cannot answer your question—and we continue to take reservations over the telephone and in person. But with the prevalence of smartphone and online technology today, the chatbot offers a speedy and convenient alternative to making your dining plans. Thanos Hotels, Annabelle’s corporate parent, is the first hotel group in Cyprus to offer chatbot technology for restaurant reservations. Send us a text and see how it works!
Looking across its harbour, you might not think that Pafos is a good place for a golf vacation—but there are four excellent 18-hole courses within a 22 km radius. The closest is Elea Estate Golf Club. Just 7 kms away from Annabelle, this par 71 course was designed by Sir Nick Faldo and offers a challenging experience along with striking Mediterranean Sea views. Perched above Pafos some 14 kms away, Minthis Hills Golf Club affords panoramic views of the mountains and sea and a par 69 course following the undulating terrain of its site. The course at Secret Valley Golf Resort, 18 kms away, is par 72 and features hilltop tees and a floodlit three-hole loop for evening play. Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort has a golf academy as well as a par 71 course suitable for players at all skill levels. Given the wealth of golfing options nearby, Annabelle offers golf packages that include discounted room rates, green fees, and your choice among the four courses. After a round of golf, enjoy complimentary access to Annabelle’s Ouranos, where you can book a massage to relieve any muscle strain. Or simply head to the Byz bar for a classic cocktail and a friendly chat with your mates. You can find more information about our golf packages here.
Contact us for a custom rate quote and reservations at +357 26 885 090 or annabelle@thanoshotels.com.