Ouranos Dinner Menu

Rooftop ocean views and sun-warmed style meet creative cocktails and sharing plates.

Chilean style seabass ceviche, lime and cilantrom
Madrilenian” Mojama”, homemade sundried red tuna, roasted almond
Creole fish cake, chives, Habanero and crushed avocado
Slightly caramelised salmon with white miso
Spiced Albondigas and smoked bell pepper compote
Homemade cured Angus beef tenderloin, green mango and pickled daikon
Slow cooked pork belly with beetroot and lemon, mix herb salad
Zacatecas style range chicken breast, salsa Verde
Fried octopus, smoked paprika salsa
Baltic salmon “Lox”, sea fennel and lemon mascarpone
Angus beef tenderloin medallions, duck foie gras and reduce jus
Maple syrup pulled pork, cranberry relish
Anari “Daktyla” with fresh mint, cherry tomato jam
Grilled smoked tofu with spiced green mango, peanut salsa
Grilled avocado Quesadilla, lime zest and chili
Arancini, Italian rice fritters with basil pesto
4 Imported matured cheeses,
grape chutney, honey nuts, baker`s bread selection

Oven baked cauliflower with Madras curry,
Baby spinach, fresh chilli, and mint raita
Mixed squash, red quinoa, pomegranate,
young leaves, fresh herbs and pecan nuts
Grilled king prawn with Sansho pepper,
kale cabbage, wakame and oyster emulsion

Lobster roll, toasted homemade brioche,
wakame salad and yuzu mayonnaise
Angus beef burger, homemade Bun
Melted yellow cheddar, crispy bacon and confit red onion
Make you own choice of mini burger trilogy
Soft shell crab tempura, Habanero fire salsa, Korean kimchi
Black Angus beef, rocket, Argentinian chimichurri
Curried chickpea, avocado, baby spinach, yogurt
Glazed soya and Maple syrup sablefish
cauliflower and refreshing herbs salad
Korean style grilled Black Angus beef rib eyes
Kimchi and sesame salt
Portuguese style grilled Piri-Piri baby chicken,
chili, fresh herbs and sweet potato
Indian vegetable curry, spiced chickpea Falafel
“coconut-ginger” chutney and steamed basmati rice

Pink chou, ruby chocolate
and raspberry puree
Pina Colada macaroon,
coconut, fresh lime and old dark rum
Organic raw honey ‘semi Freddo’,
roasted nuts and preserved fruits
Spiced banana spring rolls, dark chocolate,
coffee and Vodka twist
Soaked sponge cake in a light spiced citrus syrup,
Sake and light cherry cream