Mediterraneo Menu

Mediterraneo speaks to the heart of the Italian gastronomic tradition, inviting friends and family to unite over sharing plates elevated by the finest local organic produce.

Mediterraneo’s signature freshly baked homemade Focaccia
Homemade Bruschetta with marinated baby vegetables,
Artisan charcuterie and D.O.C. cheese
Marinated vegetables, tomato salsa and wild rocket leaves Italian charcuterie selection with olives marinated with local citrus, homemade grissini
Finely sliced fillet of beef carpaccio with extra virgin olive oil infused with black truffle

Fresh herbs and young leaves, homemade sun‐dried tomato, aged Parmesan
Our own tomato ‘Caprese’ with Buffalo Mozzarella and fresh basil
Char‐grilled green asparagus, shaved Portobello mushrooms and radicchio
Buffalo Burrata, young rocket leaves and extra virgin olive oil
Marinated seafood salad with fresh herbs and white balsamic vinegar

(Gluten free, Whole wheat and egg free pasta available on request) With green asparagus, black pepper and roasted cashew nuts
Saffron risotto and Stracciatella cheese
Black rice risotto with seafood cooked on open coals and a light parmesan cream
Roasted garlic and virgin olive oil
Homemade slow‐cooked tomato sauce and fresh basil
Mediterranean vegetable ragout with black olives
Rigatoni with Italian cured pork cheeks and Pecorino Romano
Large tagliatelle with beef tenderloin and vegetable ragout
Traditional vongole clam linguini, Saffron and Bottarga
Aubergine and Provola cheese ravioli, homemade sun‐dried tomatoes and baby spinach
Baked aubergine, vegan “Mascarpone”, sun‐dried tomato and baby spinach

Deep‐fried Mediterranean seafood with lemon and a chive salsa
Oven baked wild seabass, roasted artichoke and crispy Prosciutto
Grilled red tuna steak, oven‐baked fennel, lemon and caper berry salsa
Italian traditional Seafood stew with tomatoes and garlic

With porcini mushroom and Tuscan Kale, fresh tomato compote
Beef meatballs with matured lard, fresh tomato compote
Oven‐roasted baby chicken with Italian salt‐cured bacon and rosemary
Slow braised veal shank with handmade Ricotta gnocchi, sage jus
Charcoal grilled pork chop, lemon and garlic salsa hand craft pasta
Charcoal grilled Angus beef, rocket leaves, cherry tomato and Reggiano parmesan

Tiramisù, flavoured Savoiardi with coffee and light Mascarpone cream
with Maple syrup and homemade Vegan “Mascarpone”
Soaked sponge cake in a light citrus syrup and light cream
Bourbon vanilla Pana Cotta, seasonal fruit compote
Chestnut and milk chocolate “Semi freddo” flavoured with Amaretto
Smooth Sicilian lemon Granite
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate shards
Per scoop
Chocolate ice cream with caramelized hazelnuts
Per scoop
Selection of 3 matured D.O.C Italian cheeses, rocket and infused honey